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Instant Skillset

4.4 ( 9584 ratings )
Utvecklare: Femi Olawuyi

Within 5 minutes, create your Instant Skillset card, and optimize your top skills, qualities, and professional portfolio. Preview, edit, submit, and save on your devices.

Instant Skillset app offers users the capabilities to optimize their top skills and qualities, create a brief portfolio snapshot, and add basic portfolio information to create a professional portfolio card, which can be generated in both image and PDF. Users will be able to install the app and create many instant skillset card for their different professional portfolio.

Users will be able to use Instant Skillset app to optimize their top skills and professional qualities to connect with recruiters, companies, and professional colleagues to get jobs and contracts quickly. Easy and quick to use to create your different professional portfolio cards for different career purposes.

Instant Skillset app offers other purposes. The generated Instant Skillset card can be used as a quick career connection card, personalized portfolio tool, and personalized qualities badge. Quick to share your Instant Skillset card on your major social networks and through email.

Install the instant skillset card and start using right away to enhance your professional portfolio and career connection.